Friday, May 22, 2009

How To Start Your Own Record Label -- A Review

Let me tell you something about this product that nobody else is going to tell you because they won’t realize it. The product itself is targeted to people who want to start a rap record label. But guess what? These principles are universal to just about any pop, rock, R&B or even country label that you might decide you want to start? Why?

Here’s the reason. The music industry as it is now, if very different from what it used to be 30 years ago. Back then, there was very little segregation on the charts. Pop and R&B would be found together. Now, everything is segmented. But…the process for finding acts and signing them hasn’t really changed much in 30 years. So, you could take the principles of this product and apply them to just about any label, except maybe for classical. That’s a whole different mindset and animal.

Okay, but what about the product itself? Will it teach you what you will need to learn to avoid the pitfalls of starting your own label, rap or otherwise? In a word, yes.

Here is just a brief overview of what you’ll learn.

How To Start A Record Label from Scratch.
How to make Record Industry Contacts.
How to Write up A business Plan For Your Own Record Label.
How to Legally Setup Your Own Record Label.
How to Legally Trademark, Copywrite and protect your Music.
How to secure & Sign The Hottest Artist Around.
How to Find & Scout Talent On and Offline.

That, in a nutshell, is what this product is going to give you in no nonsense, no BS terms. It’s not glamorous. Fact is, this product is so down to earth real that you might find it a little dull. Hey, newsflash, setting up a business, as far as the X’s and O’s, is not what a lot of people will have you believe it is. It’s work. So if you think this is going to give you some push button solution to starting a record label, save your money. What it WILL do is give you ALL the tools you need to do this right.

Here is the site

Starting Your Own Record Label

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